Social Media Disclosures and Terms of Use

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Posts and Comments by You

NAM has different internal policies relative to social media, based on whether the social media page or site is that of the firm ("Company Page") or that of one of the firm's employees. Please note that NAM does not allow third-party comments on its Company Pages and will use its best efforts to delete any comments from its Company Page within a timely manner.

However, NAM does allow certain employees to use social media for business-related purposes, and NAM does allow commentary on those employees' social media pages. The following guidelines apply to comments on employees' social media pages:

NAM reserves the right to delete any comments in violation of its Social Media Terms of Use.

Posts by Others (Third-Party Posts)

NAM cannot control third-party posts on its social media platforms. NAM will endeavor to delete third-party posts which violate the Social Media Terms of Use or internal social media polices, to the extent the social media platforms allow NAM to do so. Please note that third-party posts do not reflect NAM's views and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by NAM.

NAM has determined that any third-party "response" to NAM social media postings that result in the postings being displayed in forums, websites, or landing pages other than those sponsored by NAM (including, but not limited to, re-posting or re-tweeting NAM's posts and any third-party commentary included with such re-posting or re-tweeting) are independent third-party postings and are the responsibility of such third parties. As such, NAM is not responsible for reviewing such responses or taking any action in response thereto.

NAM reserves the right to discontinue at any time its policy of allowing third parties to comment on its employees' social media pages. NAM will update these Terms in accordance with any change in its policy.

Links to Third-Party Material and Sites

From time to time, NAM may provide hyperlinks to other internet resources and sites. NAM provides the links because it believes that these resources may have some value or pertinence; however, the development and maintenance of these resources are not under the direction or control of NAM. NAM is not responsible for the content of these other sites, including the correctness, timeliness, suitability, reliability, or accuracy of the sites. NAM does not endorse, nor intend to imply any endorsement of, any websites or third-party content that it links to unless NAM expressly indicates that it endorses the content. NAM does not intend to adopt the positions of any content it links to or otherwise shares.

General Disclaimers

NAM is not affiliated with LinkedIn or Twitter. Please use at your own risk. Please read the social media site's terms of service and privacy policy, as they may apply to your communications on our social media pages.